Meet Our Great People

Danny Benites, General Manager
aka Head Evangelist

Meet Danny Benites.  He's our William Wallace, fighting for the greater good.  He is a little obsessed with customer service and our dealership being different.  I mean REALLY different.  Danny has spent the better part of 28 years trying to change the way car dealerships are perceived.  His non-confrontational sales training has changed the way we do business.  Hopefully, you'll see a little bit of Danny in everyone you meet at Greg Lair.  If you have the smallest problem at our dealership, call this guy.  He is a master in conflict resolution.  (Make him tell you a joke, he thinks he is funny.)

Doug Morrison, Sales Manager
aka The Mad Scientist

Meet Doug Morrison.  He is the Captain of the Sales Team here at Greg Lair.  He has superhuman powers that enable him to come up with incredible ideas that make our salespeople happy and our customers ecstatic!  He has a passion for meeting our customers early in the sales process.  That's kind of rare in a sales manager.  He wants the customer (you) to know who is putting all of the numbers together.  He has over 20 years of experience and has forgotten more about this industry than most people know!  His wife is a Pharmacist, which comes in handy...sometimes he needs a sedative.

Terry Green, Fixed Operations Manager
aka The Pit Chief

Meet Terry Green.  Mr. Do-it-all.  He runs the Service Department, the Parts Department,  and his most challenging job, Pit Chief for Greg Lair Racing.  He's been with Greg Lair almost as long as Greg Lair has been with Greg Lair.  I'm not sure if that even makes sense.  Anyhoo, Terry is like the offensive line of the football team.  He does most of the tough work and gets very little recognition.  But without him, this whole operation breaks down...literally!  He's an Amarillo/Canyon boy from way back, and we're glad he calls this place home.

Kyle Wilkinson, Finance Director
aka Mr. Rogers with O.C.D.

Meet Kyle Wilkinson.  I have been waiting for years to catch him say a disparaging word.  I'm still waiting.  Seriously, this guy is just THAT nice.  He is the perfect person to arrange financing on your new or used vehicle.  He listens and he cares, and it is genuine.  He is, however, the most meticulous person you have ever met when it comes to paperwork.  He will straighten the edges of all of your papers until they are perfect.  I bet he folds his underwear.  I guess you want someone like that when operating the big computers.  Call Kyle and let him refinance your current vehicle and save some money on your car payment.  You'll love this guy, he's the real deal.